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Featured below are the dogs and puppies currently available for adoption at NAHS. New dogs and puppies could be made available any day of the week, so be sure to check the site often. For more information on our adoption process, click here. To read what some of our previous adopters have to say, click here.

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You might wonder why we no longer list a breed or breed mix for each dog and instead state Unknown Parentage. Please click here for more information. 

*This page was last updated on May 20, 2017*

Name Age Breed Sex Status
Brownie 5Y 0M Unknown Parentage-Small Male Adopted!

As my friend, Minnie, said in her bio; we come from a "broken" home.  But we're now looking for our forever homes.  I love adventure - running and fetching balls and chasing things.  But I love to snuggle too.  And toys!  I think I love the soft, squeaky toys the best.  I like children of all ages and I've lived with cats.  I tend to be dominant.  So I would do best in a home with a female dog or submissive male.  Come by soon and let's meet!

Charlie 5Y 6M Unknown Parentage Male Available

Hi there, I'm Charlie and here are a few things I think you should know about me. First, I love to snuggle under blankets.  Since it has been so cold out it is high on my list of priorities.  If you're looking for a dog that will only cuddle and not play, well I'm not your guy.  I love to play with squeaky toys.  Especially fetch because that means we get to play together!  My ideal home would have someone home the majority of the day, I just really really like to be around people.  Some of my dislikes are being left alone, other dogs, and doors (they keep me away from my people).  I like to think that my perfect family is out there searching for me right now....could it be you?

Charlie is part of our K9 Manners Program where he is learning basic commands.  

Coco 6Y 0M Unknown Parentage-Large Female Available

Hi there! My name is Coco, and as my name would imply, I’m a pretty sweet girl. While I may no longer be a pup, I still have plenty of energy, so you better be ready to keep up! I can be a bit of a diva (can you blame me?), so I’m looking for a home where I will be the center of attention; no kids, no dogs, and no cats, thank you very much! What more could you need in your life besides a fabulous friend like me, anyway?

Ellie 12Y 5M Unknown Parentage-Large Female Available

Don't I look so pretty in my flower crowns?  I think so.  After all, everyone needs a pick me up now and then.  Maybe I could be yours?  Don't let my age fool you, I still have some pep in my step and can get quite playful with toys. I might be ok with having another calm dog in my home, but please, no cats.  Children in my new home should also be a little older and understand that I do like my space sometimes.  I still have my fair share of love to give, don't hesitate to give me a chance!

My adoption fee is waived thanks to The Lucky 7 Fund!

George 0Y 8M Unknown Parentage-Large Male Available

Hello Friends!  Are you looking for an outgoing, fun, and all around goofy dog to add to your family?  Well look no further, I'm your guy.  I'm 80 pounds of pure fun (and still growing)!  I know what you're thinking, wow, that's a lot of fun, I'm not sure I can handle all that.  Well I say "Yes you can!"  Do you want to know how I know this, because I believe in you.  Also, I'll try to make it easier for you.  I already know a few basic commands and walk pretty nicely on a leash.  However I still need some work in the manners department, I like to jump up and give hugs Laughing.   Because of this children in my new home should probably be older and have experience with big dogs.  I get along with most other dogs and I could probably even live with a cat.  I almost forgot, I LOVE to snuggle, so hope your ready for a giant dog on your lap!  I can't wait to meet you.  After all, I'm George, George, George of the Jungle, friend to you and me!

Iris 3Y 1M Unknown Parentage-Large Female Available

Is there anything better than a flower in springtime? How about a pup who shares a name with a flower, and is every bit as beautiful and sweet? My name is Iris, and nothing would make me happier than having a family to share my days with. My favorite thing is spending time with my people, playing, snuggling, or just hanging out and watching TV. I do tend to get a bit excited when we play, and I can be a rowdy, so I think children in my new home should have previous experience with larger, playful dogs. I might enjoy living with another dog, but no cats for me.

Iris is the first dog to enroll in Project Pawsitive Future. The youth trainers have successfully taught her skills such as walking with a leash, sit, down, stay, and even giving her paw. Iris is very well trained and has been a delight for not just the youth trainers, but also the other youth and staff. Iris frequently attends therapy sessions and can be seen training on the grounds of the Illinois Youth Center - Warrenville.

Iris is learning K9 manners and basic commands in our Project Pawsitive Future program.

Memphis 10Y 0M Unknown Parentage-Large Female Available

Info coming real soon!

Minnie 10Y 0M Unknown Parentage-Small Female Available

My friend Brownie and I come from a "broken" family. I was sad, but now I'm excited to meet new people and hopefully find my forever home. I love to give kisses, have my belly rubbed and cuddle. Taking long walks makes me happy (and it helps me lose the extra pounds I gained over the winter). I like all children, most other dogs, and I've lived with cats. Stop by and let's meet!  

My adoption fee is waived thanks to The Lucky 7 Fund!

Mister and Po 4Y 1M Unknown Parentage - Small Male Available

Mister and Po here to give you the top 3 reasons why two dogs are better than one. 

1. We keep each other company.  So if you have to stay a little late at work, we'll be ok.  But don't be too late, we miss you when you're gone!

2. We'll keep you on your toes.  Have you ever tried walking two dogs at once?  It can be a bit of a challenge, but we know you can do it!

3.  Twice the love!  Isn't it every human's dream to be sitting on the couch and have dogs all over them?  Well we are here to tell you that we are lap dogs,  Give us a good spot to snuggle and we'll be happy.

Don't you think those are some pretty great reasons?  If that doesn't have you convinced, we have lived with cats before and might be ok with another dog as well.  So what do you say?  Are two heads better than one?

Mitchell 11Y 3M Unknown Parentage Medium Male Available

Well hello there! My name is Mitchell. Some of my friends call me Mitch, but I think Mitchell is more representative of my genteel nature. See, I'm an easy-going, mature fella who enjoys the simple things in life such as lounging around the house with a good friend, a leisurely walk in the park, or a nice long belly rub. I've been friendly with some of the dogs I've met here at the shelter, and might enjoy co-habitating with another low key personality such as myself. Cats are a bit of a mystery to me, so if I were to join a family that included a feline member, it should be one who would be welcoming to a canine companion. Because I am most comfortable in a calm, peaceful type setting, and admittedly can be a bit shy with those unfamiliar to me, it would be best if the children in my new home were a bit older; perhaps 8 or older? If you have room in your heart and home for a sweet gentleman like me, come on down to the shelter and visit! 

My adoption fee is waived thanks to The Lucky 7 Fund!

Rosey 0Y -6M Uknown Parentage - large Female Available

I'm a girl who's always on the go-go-go!  I love to run and play and fetch and chase.  I think you get the idea, I have a lot of energy.  This means that you should probably also have a lot of energy so we can play together!  I might enjoy having another dog to play with too.  I've made a few friends here at the shelter and we play very nice together.  Because of my curious and energetic nature, my home needs to be cat free.  Come in to meet and I can show you how great I am at playing fetch!

Ty 4Y 0M Unknown Parentage-Small Male Available

Info coming real soon!